The Maverick Agenda

Molded by school and afflicted by parents, David grows up into a fine young man full of brilliant promise and lofty dreams. College suddenly happens. And just as suddenly, there she is, his dream girl. Fantastic! Can life get any sweeter? Next stop, career! It's time to conquer the world!

But what the two find in their new home stops them cold. Someone's setting them up. Question is, who? And why?

In search of answers, they set a weird yet bold scheme in motion, one so utterly hilarious but somehow ingenious, that it very nearly defies logic and the fundamental rules of science. I mean... what the heck? Still, determined beyond measure, they set the ball rolling... and open pandora's box. Now this is getting serious.

Meanwhile, career is bustling and bursting at the seams, threatening to explode wide open. Aye! This stage is truly set for comedy.

Life is a journey, most often than not, one of humor, fun, and laughter. For these two, this statement is about to take on a whole new dimension as they enter the realm of intrinsic encounters in the Maverick Agenda.